Holidays in New York

I have had a little extra time on my hands because of all of the holidays this month–my clients have been traveling. I am usually un-settled because I am not working with clients or taking care of those who seem to need me constantly…

So, I’ve had some time to just “breathe” and “balance” and reflect.
Working in this amazing, non-stop city it is easy to forget the simple things that used to help us carry on and anchor values.
Sometime ago, when I lived in the “near-east” of Cleveland, I used to go to the Cleveland Museum of Art for a bit of reflection. It always gave me such an appreciation of the past and inspiration–to move forward.
Thinking about my beloved moments at CMA, I decided, over a week ago, to tour some of the great NYC museums on my time off.

I made sure to only visit one area at a time within each Museum, spending no more than 45 minutes. I guess, I wanted my time to be respectful to each artist–not willing to glance over something–just to move on to another section.
In the last (almost) two weeks, I have been to The Guggenheim,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMa and my favorite The Neue Gallerie.

Art Nouveau has always held my heart and The Neue Galerie is the most lovely experience of art in this city, for me. It’s an intimate museum that enhances the visitor’s experience by playing great German Romantic period music, which truly augments the relationship between artist and visitor.

This has been a great way for me to close 2007…here is to a magnificent 2008.
Happy Holidays.


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