An Exquisite “Monster” Takes Over the West Village

Vanity Fair Article

Over the years we have all heard the hoopla of the pink monster on West 11th, which appears to be a self motivating monument to fuel even a F.Scott Fitzgerald egoist. Well, I must write that nothing has taken hold of me this passionately since I started working the streets of Manhattan, as a real estate agent.
How many glass towers do we need?
I want buildings that host a rich underlying substance and are a bit…different.
A highly respected neighborhood official said:
“It’s horrible. It’s all of your worst nightmares come true,” makes me wonder if maybe he had the wrong street – like Elm Street.
In the March 2008 issue of Vanity Fair (pg 410 -above) one actually gets a glimpse of the interior, turning the pages. A glimpse that is a real dream of exquisite wonderment–the windows, wall space and thought in design are divine! My daughter would be in heaven if we had those walls; she could cover them with her Hannah Montana collages, which wouldn’t  be so divine; I’d rather have the Picasso.

So, next time you are at Dublin 6 (between Bank and West 11th) take a saunter down West 11th and have a look for yourself.


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