Image and Real Estate Brokers

I am so tired of those in my business talking about their “image”! I need this suit; I need this watch, etc. for my image. The dressing part is just an add on…For me, image is how I live my life, what and whom I socialize with, how I treat everyone, and more importantly, being impeccable with my words. Brokers in general have such an awful reputation in NYC. Slowly, I have been trying to set the record straight. So, fellow brokers, this sonata of words is for you…

That word, IMAGE…what does it mean to you now? Really think about it before you read on…

I have heard so many people in sales talk about their image and I cannot help but tune them out. If I am doing this, I am sure others are as well!

So many times people think it is all about the way they look. Quite honestly, “the look” is the easiest part of the concept and is only about 10% of what “image” really is.

John T. Molloy’s Dress for Success is a great book. However, I think people got a bit lost and confused that this was IMAGE.

Think about this: without the clothes, without the fabulous watch, without the jewelry, without the body that you work so hard to mold–how would you appear to others?

That’s the real foundation to IMAGE.

Now, I am not saying that it is not important to look your best. But, image is the way you live your life and how others see you.

Your outwardly physical appearance, should just enhance who you really are.

Physical appearance is just an accessory – a bonus.

Image is how you live your life:

1. How one speaks.
2. How one interacts with colleagues.
3. How one interacts with clients.
4. How one interacts with the Barista at Starbucks, cab drivers, the cleaning person at the office, et al.

5. How one interacts with their family.
6. How one displays confidence.
7. How one displays compassion
8. How one takes a compliment.
9. How one treats those who have cast misfortune on them.
10. How one leaves their baggage for yesterdays garbage.
11. How one can admit they made a mistake.

Do you want to be the wrapping on the package? Or do you want to be the gift to others?

I always want to be the complete package with the gift being the greatest asset. What about you?

Yes, people call me naive.  But, I know from personal experience that being impeccable with thoughts, words and actions are the true ingredients to success.  This is what my “image” is everyday.  Remember:

IMAGE is the way we live.


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