The Sentimental Broker

A friend who lives in Belgium and who is a New Yorker at heart, emailed me this summer asking: “Is Manhattan still your secret lover?”

So, on this chilly winter day, I have decided not to have words fill this page with housing data and market reports, but to write about my “secret lover.”

This past Saturday I experienced an uncomfortable coffee klatsch with a French man. He was complaining about New York, its residents and the lack of beautiful architecture.

In a passionate effort to spin his thoughts in a different direction, I voiced my love-affair with New York, as an historic aria:

“Manhattan has such a rich history that we all add to with chapters of our own lives. I am excited and thankful everyday that I am here!

How could you not appreciate that Bernstein lived in The Osborne, F.Scott Fitzgerald wrote at a pub in the West Village, Toscanini & Babe Ruth stayed at The Ansonia, George Washington celebrated his faith at St. Paul’s Chapel, William S. Burroughs wrote at the Chelsea Hotel, and all of those, who came here with nothing but a dream and turned it into a wonderful tale of will?”

His response: “I could care less about the history –this city is nothing special.”

This was the end of our time together. Unfortunately, I have read many similar sentiments over the past weeks regarding NYC and why would anyone want to live here–mainly because housing is so expensive. My own family questions why I gave up a comfortable lifestyle in the Midwest to work in New York and do not understand that this city is a symphonic masterpiece for me.

In the tradition of an apprentice craving information, I devour books and periodicals, resounding the history of the buildings and people, who surround the green of Central Park all the way south to Wall Street. I embrace every opportunity that is offered here, involving the arts, lectures on the economy, and individuals, who spark my mind.

Manhattan for me is a Mecca of chaotic energy, a celebration of diversity with history and hosts exquisite architecture, which fuels my obsession to be better: professionally, intellectually and spiritually.

So, there you have it. I have finally found true love–in the form of an island and continue to romance it, as if each day was my swan song…