Perspective in Balance

With effort to heal the disappointments of this week, I poured a glass of wine and filled my apartment with  the Bach Cello Suites, this night. As Yo-Yo Ma’s interpretation soared through my apartment, I savored the perfect balance of Bach, while reflecting on the potpourri of clients in my pipeline: their own personal “story” to purchase in Manhattan and a conversation–with one client in particular, “The Artist.”


Everyone in NYC real estate talks and writes about the big dollar apartments (and buyers). I have, too, on occasion.  I guess it is sexier to talk about. It sells newspapers. It gives some a “hope” of what they may one day own and offers bitter fuel for those souls who find envy in others’ prosperity.


My client, “The Artist” is not going to sell newspapers with her purchase nor will she be the talk of Manhattan cocktail conversation. But, she does put a real crescendo on PERSPECTIVE.


The tête-à-tête on the corner of 69th & Amsterdam


Setting the stage: The Artist is going into contract on an apartment and before she signed the contract, she wanted to look at one more apartment–in order to validate her decision–to move forward.


The Artist: Heather, I’m sorry you had to show this apartment to me.

Heather: Are you kidding me? $240,000.00 is a lot of money. I get it – you need comfort of mind in your purchase. I find it odd that people here still think it’s an insignificant amount of money. In most cities, a family of four could live on that amount comfortably for 5 years.

The Artist: Yes, I guess so; (she laughs) or buy a really great house in Poughkeepsie!



When you get right down to the matter of it, $240,000.00 is a lot of money for 450 square feet of space wrapped with northern light in America


Not too many buyers are finding apartments in Manhattan (with a fulltime doorman) for $240,000.00…