Real Estate, Recession and a 360 Discovery


Deciphering the 360 of it all…

We loosely use the 360 cliché in our lives; like when naming television shows and business strategies.  We act as if we are brilliant creators of some new formula for successful brand identity, serving us for an hour or pending the end of a business meeting.  We fail to see that there is more to the circle: it is a continuous entity.   I am by no means a mathematician, who pounders theories, resulting in a new kind of Euler’s Identity, but I do believe in taking a backward glance in order to continue forward in life.

The concept of the 360 degree circle is over four thousand years old and was conceived in Mesopotamia.  The wise men of this ancient land looked to the sun, while watching the planets, believing they could predict the future. During their celestial studies, they noticed a pattern, a circular one:  It took the sun three hundred and sixty days to complete its rotation and then it would begin all over again.  Our lives on earth are like the sun; we travel in circles. Sometimes it takes us three hundred and sixty days, a week, or even years to complete a rotation. And then, we start all over again, with a new wisdom.  Sometimes we get stuck in our circles by making mistakes, instead of evolving.

As a society, we are stuck—in a Great Recession and unable to evolve.  We blame our Government.  We blame big corporations and bankers. We blame real estate agents.  We blame and we blame.  Yet we turn to these same entities, to bail us out.  We are hypocrites and we are stuck.  To further this hindrance, we have tried to find a solution with desperate means of cheating the system, and then by stealing from one another (in many ways).  Maybe the solution is to no longer blame or to ask for a bail out, but to walk from blame and find a solution within ourselves—to start anew.

Last year (2009), I was cheated, I was stolen from, and I could go on, but I will save you (because we all have our stories with scars).  The point is: I hate being a victim and I do not cast blame on others for my own misfortune. And more importantly, I am not a hypocrite.  However, I was silently stuck for months—pondering the past and looking for an answer.   Gazing at the sun was not the way for me, nor was there some “wise man” for me to turn to like Plato or even a psychic.  So instead, I read and I read and I read some more; I wrote a book; and I reassessed.   Then after six months of being a hermit to words (and re-examination), I realized that I am different now—with a new wisdom—given to me by the scars of this Great Recession.  

I have evolved: 360º.

As far as my next rotation—the ongoing 360—life, I have decided to leap into real estate as an independent broker and establish my own firm: 

HL BISE LLC, A Manhattan Real Estate Company

“Every man…is left perfectly free to pursue his own interest in his own way…”

Adam Smith, The Wealth Of Nations, Book IV, Chapter IX, p. 687, para. 51.