Cake for Thought: Real Estate


I’m wrapping-up a deal, and like most deals, I’ve become rather friendly with the broker who is representing the other side.  She asked me a few weeks ago, why I decided to become an independent broker.  I simply replied, “I just want to do my own thing.” She then went into a rather convincing pitch as to why I should re-consider my independence and join her big firm.  Like a Da Capo to words, I repeated, “I just want to do my own thing.”  She was perplexed:  unable to understand why I wouldn’t want a prestigious “big name” behind my “no name.” Instead of going into all of it over the phone, I told her it was more than a jiffy cake conversation—too many layers–more of a conversation with wine—instead of one to be had during a busy business day.

Seeing how both of us are busy—me especially with brokering real estate and mothering (or rather policing) my teen-agers; the chances of us actually getting together is slim to not happening.  Also considering that she isn’t the only one who wants some clarification to my reasoning, and I since I really don’t have time for all of the happy hour interludes (even though I could use some good wine); I’m addressing it here and now (with some rather cold coffee).

And I’ve been thinking:  I’m still not sure why I need to go into it further—that should’ve been the end of it—saying, I just want to do my own thing. Don’t you think? But, they all like cake, I suppose…

So, here is my layered cake monologue—to the conversation with wine, which we’ll probably never have:

Layer 1

I’ve always believed that the individual makes a company and the company does not make the individual.

Accordingly, I base the credibility and future successes of a “company” by the lowest ranking member within that firm.  I’m now that person—the seed to grow within my own firm.

Layer 2

I want a new kind of Circle of Influence, one which started with me, and I continue to create.

What I mean by this is that we all have our individual circles—our journeys.  We also travel in other circles within our sphere: professional, political, etc.  Sometimes we think our “other circles” are more important than our own—they define us, somehow more.  If one states to another, “I work at XYZ, ”  we seem to feel that this is all we need to know; or say, when explaining, who we are and what we stand for.  We have lost our individual purposes by letting our associations—the other circles, speak for us.  They have become the “I am,” in us; instead of the other way around.  I want to be my own “I” in me…

Layer 3

I have a value-driven philosophy, which fuels my goals; instead of  just a goal-driven philosophy.  (Strange to many in this profit centric biz, I do know.)

This “philosophy” started 2008, which feels like yesterday and an eternity ago to me, when I decided to make a list of ten goals—big goals—with many sub goals, which were personal and professional.  Thinking I had a plan, and my life was on a new road to success, something changed: The world.

Shorty after I initiated my plan of goals—with pen to paper, thinking all was well on my chartered new path (the goals), global experts were reporting that the United States was headed for an economic downturn within six months.  Even though we were just beginning to see the blisters before the fever—we now call recession, this prediction loomed over me.  As it clouded my mind, I became more conscious that it was “goals” (professional and personal), which got all of us into this financial era of uncertainty, in the first place.  Goals are great motivators, but somewhere along the way to reaching them we got lost.  Perhaps we felt that we didn’t  need values anymore because they had nothing to do with making a profit; or maybe it was too hard for us to reach our goals with values in place, so we tossed them aside and just focused on the actual goals.   And maybe the solution for me…was to put the personal back in business.

So, I decided that I wouldn’t take a shortcut to reach my goals without abiding by my self-made value system. Furthering this commitment to myself, if I could not reach a goal by abiding to my values, I would strike the goal from the list.  Now here I am in 2010, still carrying on with this value philosophy of mine, which isn’t really the kind of methodology companies generally  look for in their people, it’s too idealistic—and doesn’t fuel gross revenue—or so I’ve been told…It’s been fueling mine just fine and I want to continue it even further—on my own.

Layer 4

Being an independent broker was a dream of mine and then a goal in 2008.  2010 proved to be the year to make that goal, my reality, so I jumped.

Layer 5

Money: I’m a Capitalist after all!  Well, a little one, anyway—a small giant of commerce, who isn’t really a robber baron nor striving to be a Rockefeller. Simply, I just want more control of revenue, which I create, in order to help reach the goals of my children and my goals—including higher donations to my passion—public libraries. (And no, I’ll never be Andrew Carnegie, either)

The Frosting

I’ve created the company and culture that I’ve always wanted to work for.

So there you go Cake–the batter for the banter to the layers. 


 The why to, “I just want to do my own thing.”