How’s Business?

“How’s business?” seems to be the only question I’ve been hearing this 2011.  Well, I’m going to be honest, “My phone isn’t exactly ringing-off-the-hook,” and even though this can be a bit maddening, I’m kind of okay with it. I never intended for my company to be a powerhouse in the Manhattan real estate community.  My intent and goal was (and still is) to be the best:  in the niche market of representing non-US residents and build onto my base of individuals who like their real estate transactions to be “silent.” 

Owning a company in 2011 is challenging and yes, frustrating, yet it is so rewarding for me because I’m doing it on my own, building something new in a city that is full of “buildings” (pun intended!) and I’m excited about the possibilities.  All of which, I know will become realities for my little firm.  It just takes time and a lot of hard work. 

I like to work, just as Michelangelo liked to paint.

The Sistine Chapel is a small building, which isn’t so grand from the outside, yet it is considered masterpiece because of what’s inside. Those walls and the ceiling are a work of wonder—painted by the sculptor we all know as Michelangelo.  In the beginning, when Rome hired him, many in his profession expected him to fail, largely due to his inexperience as a painter (he wasn’t a painter to them).  It took Michelangelo four years of perseverance, involving words of his “lack of experience” and that his “vision” wasn’t really what the papacy had in mind when they initially hired him.  In spite of the torment, in the end, he created a masterpiece for which they marveled at and felt at peace with.  The painting is huge compared to the small structure that houses it. 

It’s for knowing this history of final accomplishment with the Sistine Chapel; I know I can paint with real estate in my own-small-way (I do have a decade of experience as my canvas).  Now, I’m no Michelangelo, which my kids will surely tell you, but I do like to think of myself as someone who creates and executes with seeing that “final masterpiece.”  It’s just going to take me some more time and hopefully, only four years!

Heck, maybe everyone should think of Michelangelo when implementing their dreams and goals…painting to succeed.


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