Since The World is supposed to end tomorrow, which I don’t believe it will (but I’ve been wrong–many times before!), I thought this would be a good time to make fun of myself—for believing in things that are not really real, to others.

Real estate agents are very superstitious, to say the least. We just don’t talk about a deal being “done” until that commission check is in our broker-hand; and most of us don’t add-up that soon-to-be commission on a calculator because we don’t want to “jinx” the deal.

And I’ve been wondering if it’s my career or just me, for the cause of my literally out-of-control credulous belief system (outside of Will).

Let me give you a few examples of believing old wives’ tales, listening to a psychic, and deeply reading into astrology predictions (aka, bending it all, making it real—for me):

A very successful business man (who’s a client of mine), told me four years ago, “Never put your handbag on the floor because you will be poor.”  Well, guess what?  I have never, EVER put my purse or work-bag on the floor since.  Has this disciplined act resulted in a small fortune? Nope.  Yet still to this day, I keep on following that old-wise-tale, even advertising it to others (of whom I feel comfortable with) when I see them put their own handbags on the floor, “Don’t do that—you’ll be poor!” (Also mentioning that it’s good way to make sure you don’t bring bedbugs into your home…)

A few years ago, I went to a psychic. It was a gift, actually (which was very charitable of my friend because I’m too cheap to spend $400 on myself for such a thing).  Anyway, this prophetess told me, “Your next husband will know the difference between Richard and Johann Strauss.”  If a possible suitor could not answer my, “By the way, whom do you prefer Richard or Johann Strauss?” I didn’t go out with him. Result:  From the Fall of 2008 to 2010, I had a total of two dates.  (I no longer ask “the Strauss” question)

I read Susan Miller’s monthly astrology report. Last March, on the fourth day, she predicted that I would receive an unexpected gift in the mail. Well, when I received a buzz on my intercom system (on March 4), announcing Fed-ex had a package for me, I thought, I wonder if that’s my unexpected gift??! As it turned out, it was a $500 Amex gift card! And just last week, just when I was about to give-up querying literary agents to represent my Manhattan Real Estate Manifesto, after nearly thirty rejections, I re-read Ms. Miller’s May forecast, which said: “May will be perfect for any projects that involve writing… Your career will also be a big centerpiece too, and that will happen at the full moon, May 17, plus or minus four days.”  So, I sent out a few more queries, and guess what? A literary agent requested to read my entire 75,000+ word manuscript five days before May 17.  Damn, that Susan Miller is good, I thought, thank goodness I queried that agent… (Am I reading into these astrological predictions too much?  Yes, I am!)

Here’s the thing, I don’t always gobble-up all of this supposedly “not-real-stuff,” but it sure does help relieve the stress of my job, NYC and motherhood, making life a little more fun. 

Cheers to believing that tomorrow will be…just another day!!!


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