JackalopeA little over twenty years ago I visited the little town of Cody, Wyoming:   A cowboy settlement known as the Rodeo Capital of The World and named after that great showman William Fredrick Cody, aka, Buffalo Bill.  At twenty years of age I was mesmerized by the culture of this quaint town and saw my very first jackalope hanging on a wall, so with Wild West jubilation I purchased my father the most beautiful calfskin gloves, with fringe, for a hefty c-note, thinking he’d just LOVE this token from Cody. He didn’t. Oh well…

What I didn’t know back then is that the cowboy of the art world “Action Jackson” was born in Cody, sharing my birthday of January 28.  If I had known, since I do have a passion for “tracking” interesting dwellings, I would’ve tracked down his birth abode like a “Wild Bill” Hickok of the real estate world.

But I didn’t. So here I am today, making-up for my wish-I-would’ve-known, bringing you the east coast abodes of the man who is known to be the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement: Jack the Dripper, aka, Jackson Pollock.

Pollock Krasner HomeThe most famous of Pollock’s dwellings is 830 Springs-Fireplace Rd in East Hampton. The property was constructed in 1879 as a fisherman’s house, resting on 1.56 acres, with a barn near Accobonac Creek.  Pollock and his artist-wife, Lee Krasner, stumbled upon this home in 1945 with an asking price of $5,000. Somewhat struggling artists at the time Peggy Guggenheim gave them $2,000 for their down-payment in exchange for art. Ole’ Peg did well on that trade or did Pollock…

I’d say Pollock did. He found his ‘drip and splash’ voice in that barn-studio, mastering that Wild West-style of not using an easel, but the floor. He became worldrenowned.

After Lee Krasner’s death the Springs home was given to The Stony Brook Foundation. For five buckaroos you can visit the homestead too. INFO

Jackson-Pollock-Aaron-Burr-46-Carmine-StreetNow, if you’re like me and can’t afford your very own Action Jackson drip-n-splash masterpiece, you might want to consider taking out a mortgage (or paying cash if you’re a Peggy Guggenheim-type), and purchasing 46 Carmine Street #4 in the Wild West Village, where it’s said that Pollock resided as a renter. It’s only $1,250,000.00. Now that’s an affordable Huckleberry. Yeehaw!

Click here for the listing details.


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