Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco

If my life could be represented by a particular movement found in architecture and design it would be Art Nouveau.  Just as its name suggests this “New Art” was born around 1880.  The curvilinear motifs often inspired by natural forms just sing to me, like the music of Ravel and Strauss, with floridity and sensual undertones.

More often than not, Art Nouveau is confused with Art Deco. So today, I’ve decided clear-up that obvious blur and simply explain the differences of the two: Art Nouveau is prior to World War 1 and Art Deco is post, lasting until World War II.  Basically Art Nouveau is the big sister who inspired the more popular, stronger, little brother Art Deco. Art Nouveau is flowing, often “coloring outside of the lines” and Art Deco is geometric with clearly defined outlines.

AN 24, place Etienne-Pernet

High Deco -- the Lexington Avenue entrance to the Chrysler Building

AN Victor Horta, Tassel House

AD 570 Lexington Avenue

If your life could be represented by a particular Architecture & Design era, what would it be?

Which movement sings to you?  

Bauhaus? Baroque? Georgian?


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