Today I was managing two open houses within the same building. Both units are exactly the same size; but, one is beautifully renovated and the other, well, needs a bit of a “lift”. For some reason, I have not been completely pouring my heart into the one that needs the boost of rejuvenation…and it shows. The owner and I had a bit of a rocky start– regarding pricing and the original appearance of the unit. This being said, he has done his best to make the unit appealing.

Post my open house, I called the owner to provide the traffic count and feedback. He had a few items that he wanted to discuss with me, too: he was not happy with the property description; the lack of photos of the unit and the advertisement on So, we met at Starbucks to discuss further…I had no defensive statement to explain (his apparent lack of disappointment in) my performance. I simply and honestly replied: “You are right…”

He was right!

All evening I have been thinking about his apartment and him. I am embarrassed that I needed to be confronted; I was humbled because it took a recent college graduate to make me think about my business; and more importantly, that he felt that I did not value him as a person or client.

As brokers, we all want the beautiful little “gems” and the huge “crowns” as exclusive listings.  However, a “gem” does not need to be truly brilliant for one to want it or possibly desire it. His unit is HIS gem; it is the first home he purchased for himself in NYC, and he is proud of it.

I’m preparing to write a magnificent property description full of passion and creativity, while being honest. Additionally, I will have proper photos taken that show his little “gem”.

My lesson: Ego crept its way into my business and this is not something I am proud of nor something I will have happen, again.

Thank you YW for bringing me back to the “light”…